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2009-11-28, 07:53
Can anyone recommend a good low-light digital camera?

I've all but abandoned cameras since I got one of the FlipVideo things that fits in the pocket of my jeans. My last real camera, a Sony DSC-S70 satisfied all my needs, and I bought some neat lenses for it on eBay, but it's old. Wife got a new camera a few years ago and when we compared shots, I noticed that those from my camera, which I got in '00, were significantly dimmer. And, the batteries don't hold their charge well at all. I could buy a new battery. I'd rather have a new camera.

I'm specifically looking for something that works in low light, simply because my Flip camcorder is useless in low-light conditions. Other pluses:
+ Something basic is all I need. A point-and-shoot.
+ Not too pricey. I might go 300+, under $300 would be best.
+ I would enjoy something that just takes regular AA batteries, but lithium is not a dealbreaker.
+ Not worried about video. Even though the Flip only takes video, usually just make stills by taking screenshots when it's paused.

That's about it.
Any suggestions?

2009-11-28, 15:42
Moving to Purchasing Advice...

2009-11-28, 15:49
From the sounds of things just about any of the Canon P&S, like the Canon Powershot A2100 IS, in your price range ($250-300) will be fine. To be honest, none of the current point and shoot cameras are very good in low light, you will see noise from ISO400 and up, because they sensors are just too small.