View Full Version : Seeking phone recommendations for daughter

2009-12-15, 18:24
We are considering getting our daughter her first cell phone, but we'd like to get a cheaper one than we can get through our local provider. They are GSM based so there seems to be a lot to choose from out on the web.

We would prefer a qwerty keyboard - real or virtual.
We are aiming for sub -$150 (this quickly limits the selection).

Any thoughts?

This is the most promising thing I've found yet:
LG KS360 (http://bestcellz.com/product/1529:LG_KS360_QWERTY_TOUCHSCREEN_PHONE_GSM_UNLOCKE D.html) (it's available from other sites as well, like overstock.com and I believe Amazon)

Any thoughts on this unit? Other ideas?