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2009-12-19, 21:40
Hi All-

I am looking to get a cheap wireless router for my parents house. They have an iMac and a HP laptop that live next to the router, so it would need to have at least two ethernet ports. I poked around a little and found the D-Link DIR-615 (http://reviews.cnet.com/routers/d-link-dir-615/4505-3319_7-32435592.html), which C|Net liked, and Amazon and Newegg gave mixed reviews.

Do you guys have any experience with the 615? Also, I mean, what routers do you use and do you like them? My internet here is on the slower end of dsl, so its not hugely important that it is N, or even draft N, but I guess that would be a perk.

Thoughts, suggestions, and advice are very much appreciated.


2009-12-19, 21:43
I don't have experience with D-Link, but I've always liked the Linksys WRT54G routers for their reliability, ease of use, and (depending on the model) capacity for installing third party firmware.

2009-12-19, 21:52
I don't have experience with D-Link, but I've always liked the Linksys WRT54G routers for their reliability, ease of use, and (depending on the model) capacity for installing third party firmware.

The custom firmware option on Linksys WRT54G is a huge win, IMO. I've been using DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT54G for a while and couldn't be happier. It gives far better control, functionality, and logging than the stock firmware did. It even seemed to fix some reception problems I'd been having.

2009-12-19, 22:57
I had a D-Link DIR-625. Total crap. I changed it cause it constantly dropped the connection. I had to unplug/pug the power to reset it. My dad had the same router with the same problems. I'm now with an Time capsule and never had a problem since (he is with an AE). Don't know if the 615 is anything like the 625.

Here's a thread about my router. (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=32085)

2009-12-19, 23:03
I honestly love my D-Link DIR-655 (http://www.amazon.com/D-Link-DIR-655-Extreme-Wireless-Router/dp/B000LIFB7S). The thing that I've noticed with the cheaper routers is the slow intranet speeds you'll get from them. If you do any large transfers over your network - wireless OR wired - pay attention to what people are saying about intranet transfers.

2009-12-23, 16:05
Thanks for the quick replies. I had looked at the WRT54G because I had recalled people here seemed to like it. I discounted it because I didn't think my parents really needed that much control, but if it is also a good router, than I may be inclined to take a harder look. dmegatool- I have the same issue with my current router(having to reset it by unplugging/replugging) and had heard a mixed reviews about 615, including spottiness, so thats good to know people weren't just blowing smoke. My parents don't really do any large file transfers, so I think they'll be good on that front. Is the airport extreme and that whole gang worth the money?

2009-12-23, 20:07
The WRT54G is a solid router, just try and get the older version, not the new black wedge shaped ones.

2017-06-27, 08:31
I didn't want to start a new thread, but I'm looking for 2 new wireless routers with solid range and is good at penetrating walls because at one of the points I'm going to have it, I have signal issues with walls.

Not looking for crazy priced ones, but something in the $75-100+ range.

2017-06-27, 08:58
I've been looking at the UniFi products (https://www.ubnt.com/products/) personally. I know that they are considered commercial but they have so much control and functionality built in them. AmpliFi (https://amplifi.com) is the name of their consumer router and it seems to be pretty solid too.

There was even an article on Ars IIRC that really praises using the commercial units (http://amzn.to/2tgAttj) for home use. The down side of this method is that you need to bring the router. So use an older router and turn off the wireless on it and let it route for you. Or buy a router.

2017-06-27, 09:24
Those look pretty great, but to be honest, what I'm doing with them, it seems like it would be overkill. If it were my house, I would definitely go that route. One is for my grandparents house and then the other is going to be for my office out in the building behind there house where my company is located. I have access points set up on there house and the building transporting signal so I have internet in the garage.

I got a cheap ASUS for their house but the signal dies after one wall pass. I have the router set up on a sunporch in the back of their house.

2017-06-27, 12:32
I ended up just ordering a couple Netgear AC1900 Nighthawks. The price was decent and I'd rather have more range then not enough.

2017-06-27, 16:54
Just adding my two cents even though you're good to go.

In general I recommend the AC2600 Atheros-based routers. I use the Netgear Nighthawk X4S / R7800 myself, but the options from TP-Link are in the $100 range. The other powerful option are the AC3100 level Broadcom-based routers, but they use proprietary modulation to get higher throuhput.

For anyone else shopping, stay away from AC3200. Those are wave1 tri-band routers with two 1300mbps 5GHz radios vs the single 1733mbps capable AC2600 and 2167mbps capable AC3100 models.