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2010-03-24, 15:51

I have many external HDDs (both 2.5 and 3.5) and I would like to setup a network storage, so that I can access them from anywhere within the house. I have already read this (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=34178&highlight=network+storage) thread, but would like to have more input.

So I have 4x 3.5" HDDs (all external) with me. I was wondering, if it is possible to purchase a network router with USB ports, plug them there and access them with WLAN?

OR, do I have to buy NAS (Network associate storage rack) and put them there?

OR, do I have to buy a RAID rack thing and put the drives there?

I don't have much knowledge about these things, so easiest solution would be the best. Also, I don't want to spend a lot of money to setup a professional type system, something that can be standing in one corner of my house would be fine. Doesn't have to be elegant, etc. All I want is to be able to access them via the home network (securely of course). Please help me out.

Thanks a bunch

2010-03-24, 17:10
I think you would be good router. Like the AE with the usb port. I'm pretty sure you can plug an usb hub and plug multiple drive/devices.

Maybe someone can confirm this though...

2010-03-24, 17:39
You would need a router with more than one USB port if you went that route, otherwise it could be extremely slow. You might be better off with a NAS setup.

2010-03-24, 18:14
Go for a Drobo and plug your drives into it and get redundancy too (assuming they are SATA)

2010-03-25, 08:20
hmm, nas is cheaper than the drobo, at least here. So I guess I will go with the NAS setup. Thanks guys

2010-03-25, 08:51
You could take a peek at the iomega iConnect (Engadget review (http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/15/iomega-iconnect-review-getting-your-printers-hdds-online-has-n/)). If you've already invested in the external enclosures it might fit the bill for you nicely (and it's cheap).

[edit]: This is wireless, so if you're looking for a hard-wired product it's no good for you.