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2010-05-07, 19:41
Last summer my parents took advantage of the buy a notebook get a free iPod deal from Apple when they were buying a computer for my little brother to take to college with him. They selected the iPod Touch 8gb (2nd generation.) The deal they made with my brother was that they would buy him the computer if they could keep the iPod. Nearly a year later they still have the iPod Touch, and it's still in the original box, never used. My parents failed to realize that they had iPhones and therefore didn't need the iPod Touch.

When I was over at their house earlier today I saw the box, looked inside, and realized the iPod Touch was still in there, never used. I offered to sell it for them, they agreed.

The thing is looking at me from across the room, just begging for me to open it.

I've wanted an iPod Touch or iPhone for a while now, but AT&T isn't really an option for me and I just haven't gotten around to buying the iPod. Should I just keep the thing and give my parents $150 for it, or should I just sell it and buy a new one when the next generation comes out? I know the 2nd generation Touches aren't as fast, but I don't know that it matters that much to me. Looking for some purchasing advice on an item that has already been purchased. Thanks!

2010-05-07, 19:56
The 8 gig touch isn't going to be fully compatible with iPhone OS 4 if that matters.

2010-05-07, 19:58
Yeah, I know that. I'm mostly going to use it for gaming and probably listening to music. I'm not sure that multitasking or any of the other iPhone OS 4 features are going to matter that much to me.

2010-05-07, 22:30
I did what I expected myself to do, I opened it. After that I proceeded to spend $5 on the iPhone 3 software, even though iPhone 4 is coming out this summer and will certainly cost me at least another $5. I'm okay with this. This thing is awesome.

2010-05-07, 22:48
Glad we could help. :p