View Full Version : External HD Guidance (iMac 24")

2010-05-19, 15:31
I need to get an ext.HD for my iMac (am living dangerously now),
but each time I think I've found a half-decent one, I read some
horror stories, or see that it's USB & not Firewire, or ... .
My needs are for Time Machine back-up. As I have things
using USB ports, and nothing at the moment in Firewire (this
iMac has both 800/400), it seems sensible to get a Firewire HD.

I just found Dorian's "3rd Party" thread about installing a Hitachi
into his laptop, and had by some other thread's discussion browsed
onto OWC's listing of their Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini which contains
this same Hitachi 7200rpm 500gb 2.5" drive:
http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/MEQM7500GB16/ (eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/MEQM7500GB16/)

It's marked down to $160. That's more than what e.g. the local Apple
Store sells an iOmega eGo for; but there is a load of Amazon reviews
of that describing quick melting of glue and cover separation and ... .
(That much portability is not important, really; this will be beside the
iMac and at infrequent times travel with it, that's all.)

Thanks for any advice,

2010-05-19, 16:35
Anything from OWC is a safe bet. In my experience anyway.

2010-05-19, 17:27
I've had good dealings with them too.

2010-05-19, 17:34
As a freelance consultant, I've dealt with a much larger number of internal & external drive and RAM purchases than most people, and I've found OWC to be the best available in reliability, and also in service in the rare occasion that a warranty replacement is needed.

2010-05-19, 22:47
Thanks, all.

... and also in service in the rare occasion that a warranty replacement is needed.

this is not an insignificant point to add! It's easier to seem nice
if all's going well; giving good service when problems arise counts big.