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Delkan Cott
2010-06-12, 11:14
Hey all,

Quick question, my wife's MacBook currently has installed 10.4.1 (with a black X'd battery) and I read on Apple support pages that upgrading to 10.4.6 could help resolve that (so long as it was a black X and not a read one), so my question is, can I skip straight from 10.5 (for $29.00) or do I need the more expensive upgrades in between?


2010-06-12, 11:38
So, by 10.4.1, I assume you mean 10.4.11 (maybe 10.4.10?). 10.4.1 doesn't run on Intel-based Macs. And by 10.4.6, you probably mean 10.6.

A crossed out battery may be fixable by an SMC reset (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964). It may also be caused, quite simply, by a broken battery or other broken piece of hardware, such as the DC board.

To answer your actual question, though: while technically a breach of the EULA, you can indeed buy 10.6 and upgrade straight to it.

Delkan Cott
2010-06-12, 12:15
Sorry about the confusion, but she indeed has 10.4.11, which despite my upgrade attempts seems terminal without a disk. Looks like I'll be getting 10.6 when I pick up my new iPhone.

Regarding battery fixes (this is the second one her computer has gone through (the other replaced by Apple)), but I have tried PMU and PRAM resets with no avail. I will try the SMC reset.

Thanks Chucker

Delkan Cott
2010-06-12, 12:51
Tried the SMC, Battery still shows a black X and says no batteries available...perhaps when I go to the Apple Store for the phone I'll bring the MB too.