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2010-06-19, 21:45
I am in need of upgrading my old MacBook from three years ago. I don't need power just everyday stuff for emailing, basic web browsing, etc. In the refurb store the previous generation MacBook is selling for $759. Does that sound like a good price for a generation old MacBook. I welcome your thoughts.

2010-06-19, 21:56
I think it's a great deal. It's $240 off the price of the model that was the MacBook available, new, literally just one month ago (the MacBook was just updated on May 18).

So, yeah. And bear in mind that even though it's not sporting the same GeForce 320 graphics as the current MacBooks, I still consider it part of that same generation...it's the same redesigned, rounded Unibody style MacBook with the built-in battery, glass Multi-Touch trackpad, LED backlit display, etc. that came to the line in October 2009. It's not the one from the first-half of 2009 (and earlier), like my Mom has (with the more squared-off body, the X3100 graphics, 160GB hard drive, etc.).

So it's not really that far behind the curve. The graphics card, and a slightly longer battery life (10 vs. 7) are the two things I see that are really different/improved between the current one and the $759 refurb that was updated on May 18). And since you're just needing this for e-mailing, browsing, etc., those are probably things (the graphics, anyway) you'd never notice anyway.

Honestly, if I had to get an Apple notebook tomorrow - new or refurb - this is the model I'd get, hands down. It's a good price for a great machine!

2010-06-19, 22:42
I have that MB. It's beautiful. I'd say go for it.

2010-06-19, 22:46
I love the new Unibody design on the white MacBooks since October. That rounded edge just seems so cozy and comfortable. :)

I'll never spend the nutty money I did in 2003 for a 15" or 17" "pro" Apple notebook...such overkill, and I wish I knew then what I know know (because I would've just bought a little 12" iBook G4 and been done with it). :D

MacBooks are awesome. And especially these recent Unibody models...