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2010-06-27, 20:10
So a non-profit group I work with has a PowerMac that is pretty much sitting idle though doing some basic recording during key events. It records to Final Cut from a digital input (I forgot what the interface is for that one.) Anyway, this is the media room where they make the video clips the organization uses for news, interviews and press related stuff. Lots of Final Cut running around there. All Macs with the exception of one PC to access the private network that's PC only.

They got a Drobo to hold their media clips but the problem they are running into it that it's too slow. When multiple machines are connected the the Mac Pro that's sharing the Drobo they can't stream the HD content form Drobo to edit live from the Drobo. So basically this place is on a small budget though not broke.

The goal is a setup that will allow them to store massive amounts of video in 1080p HD and leave it on that one storage location for editing and sharing. This system would need to be pretty quick as during the peak usage there would be about 5 system connecting at one time. My thought was the PowerMac (1 CPU, dual core) would be able to act as a file server because while it's recording the events there won't be anyone editing video on the attached storage.

I remember seeing alc selling a fiber channel card a while ago and think that's the idea of what we would need. Put something like that into a RAID storage box with a bunch of drives connected to it. Connect these tow with fiber and there shouldn't be any issues with data rates. All the machines would connect to this network via gigabit ethernet.

So, if you were in the situation what would you recommend? How would you outfit a media room on this nature that needs fast access to shared media across all of it's Macs? Am I way off track?

2010-06-27, 22:36
I thought this thread was going to be about physical storage. I was all ready to recommend Benno shelves from IKEA :(

2010-06-27, 22:47
Have you thought about the Drobo Elite (http://drobo.com/products/droboelite.php)?

2010-06-27, 22:59
I was gonna suggest the Drobo Elite, because of the iSCSI, too. TWiT uses them I think, and they do a ton of video. They use to offer a promo code during Drobos advertising during MacBreakWeekly on TWiT but I don't remember the code at the moment. I'll try to remember it or ask in the chat room tomorrow morning.

2010-06-28, 04:24
They must have the DroboPro right now then because they have an 8 bay model. I'll get with them soon and see if they've looked into the Elite. If it doesn't have the lag that they are seeing now it seems like a great option.

2010-06-28, 08:23
Here (http://www.drobo.com/macbreak/)is MacBreakWeekly's site from Drobo. If you haven't heard of MacBreakWeekly, or the TWiT network, its run by Leo Laporte, former host of The Screen Savers of TechTV. I suggest you check it out, I won't link to it so it doesn't seem like I'm spamming too much.

Anyway, the promo code is "MACBREAKWEEKLY", gotta be caps, so there it is FWIW.