View Full Version : Snapz Pro X versus iShowU HD?

Dorian Gray
2010-06-29, 09:00
Snapz Pro X (http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/) versus iShowU HD (http://store.shinywhitebox.com/ishowuhd/main.html): which do you prefer? I used a PPC version of Snapz Pro in the past and was happy with it, but am now looking for a good video capture app for my MacBook Pro. I'd like it to be able to record up to full-screen losslessly with high CPU efficiency. I value quality, simplicity, and an elegant user interface over a high feature count. Which one should I buy?


2010-06-29, 09:25
I've only ever used SnapzPro, and loved it, so not sure how useful my feedback will be, but it works great on a Macbook Pro to capture full screen or partial screen video. Not the best interface in the world, but if you've used it before you know how it goes.

2010-06-29, 11:54
For quality and performance, Snapz Pro X is the winner, even though its interface is showing its age.

2010-06-29, 15:05
You should give ScreenFlow a look. It can capture at up to 30 FPS unlike Snapz Pro which, in my experience, is somewhere around 22-24. It is very pricey though, and I'm not sure it's actually worth all $99.

2010-06-29, 15:31
Hmm, I've never had a problem maintaining 30fps with SnapzPro on my MacBook.

Which version were you using, and which hardware?

Dorian Gray
2010-06-29, 18:59
Thanks all. Barring any strong opposite opinions, I think I'll purchase Snapz Pro X tomorrow.