View Full Version : Prius: How's This Price?

2010-07-29, 11:56
Seems like there'd be a lot of crossover between Mac users and Prius drivers. Hopefully someone here can give me some advice... The people on the Prius sites don't want to respond. :-P

I'm looking at getting a Prius III (the middle trim level); the MSRP is about $25,000. I have an offer for just under $22,988. The original offer was $23,550. The other offers were $23,300-$23,800.

According to Edmunds and Yahoo (which I believe use the same data provider), invoice on the vehicle is about $23,100. So the offer is $100 below invoice (which I know isn't what the dealer actually pays for the car).

Does this sound like a decent deal?

2010-07-29, 17:43
I bought a new Prius in 2007, and I paid $22,500, which I thought was a really good deal. I haven't priced one lately, but it sounds like a good deal to me.