View Full Version : Which iMac for Developers

2010-08-01, 18:03
After a long hiatus, I am getting back into the Cocoa/iPhone development game and I am wondering which 2010 iMac should I get for the best experience in Xcode. Specific questions:

1) Is the i5 with Turbo Boost really necessary for small to medium-sized projects? Or would the 3.06 GHZ i3 be adequate?

2) Is the 27" display worth it for having multiple windows open at the same time e.g. a coding window and a documentation window side by side?

3) Is coding on a large (2560-by-1440 resolution) screen to hard because the text is so tiny? Is that ever uncomfortable on your eyes?

If someone could throw in their personal experiences I would really appreciate it.

2010-08-01, 18:47
For Xcode I find the larger the screen the better. Xcode 4 (currently only in preview) has a lot of functionality that works with "windows" side by side. So for things like interface builder, which is now part of xcode, you can have the view on the left and the code on the right dragging connections between the two windows.

Have a look at the session 301 (I think) from the WWDC 2010 videos to get an ideas of what is coming. There are a few sessions in the Tools sessions that cover some of the new xcode features that give you an idea what to expect.

As for performance i think the only real difference you will see is in compilation. He iPhone and iPad simulators run native code so performance testing has to be done on device.

2010-08-01, 23:28
27" display is VERY nice for programming. I can usually have xcode and two other windows (be they another project's code, safari, whatever) comfortably open with plenty of space for each one. On top of that there's always room for interface builder somewhere on screen. I don't think I've used expose (except to clear the desktop) more than 5 times on this computer.