View Full Version : Need a new phone quick

2010-08-04, 17:11
Long story short, I lost my phone. :mad: Seriously, the one time I forget my belt holster, I lose my phone...

I'd like something with Android rather than another dumbphone. Maybe a Blackberry if they have anything that doesn't suck, I don't know much about their OS, or how it works with apps and such. Android looks pretty good.

I'm in Verizon, so I'm limited to what they carry. I've heard good things about the HTCs, but does anyone have any experience with them?

Battery life and camera quality are important factors.

What sucks about this is that I have to burn my upgrade now because of this, and the Verizon iPhone rumors for January are strengthening. :( It's going to suck if I do this, and I'm stuck with Android for a full year with an iPhone coming out in 5 months...

2010-08-04, 17:15
If you want an Android phone on Verizon now, I think your best option is the Droid. The Droid X and even the Incredible are back ordered, and the Droid 2 isn't out yet.

You do have the Motorola Devour, LG Ally, and (maybe) the Droid Eris, but they're not as good as the Droid. Also, the Droid has a lot of modding capability. Even if you don't care about customizing it, there are a lot of things you can do to improve battery life.

2010-08-04, 18:09
Incredible is only backordered for like 2 more days, unfortunately that's when I need a phone by... lol.

Concerned about getting the Droid, it's a bit old now isn't it?

I'm heading to the Verizon store in a few minutes for a first-hand look.

2010-08-04, 20:18
The Droid is a bit old... it came out last November. But it's a great phone. You can easily overclock it to 1 GHz and it'll still get excellent battery life. Good screen, too. I admit I'm envious of Droid owners... when I switched to Sprint, the best they had was the Samsung Moment (which is about the equivalent of a Droid Eris or T-Mobile MyTouch).

Unfortunately, Verizon still sells it for $150. It's really cheap if you buy from another retailer, but you need it soon, and also I think those prices only apply to new contracts. Not sure you can order a cheap phone from Amazon or Wirefly if you're renewing your contract, and they wouldn't get to you soon enough anyway.

2010-08-04, 20:34
After trying out the Droid, Ally and a couple Blackberrys, I ended up going with the Ally. Seems solid so far, and the physical keys are better than the Droid's.

Started to try the Devour, but it doesn't have a full HTML browser (FAIL) so I put it right back down. Looks cool, though.

Ally's screen is a bit smaller, but seems pretty good so far.

I would have to buy it at the Verizon store for a renewal, I believe.

2010-08-05, 01:04
Started to try the Devour, but it doesn't have a full HTML browser (FAIL) so I put it right back down. Looks cool, though.

Really? Are you sure it wasn't just in some sort of weird mode at the store? :err:

The Devour has a much nicer design (and keyboard) than the Droid (or Ally, IMO), but worse specs. That doesn't make any sense to me, but hey. (Originally, the Devour was codenamed Calgary, and it had the 3.7" WVGA screen of the Droid and was presumably a higher-end product, but it's almost like they split it into two products, the substance going to the Droid and the style going to the Devour. All in one product, it would have been a killer phone.)

The Devour is already EOLed, so yeah. In any case, enjoy your Ally. :) I'm with you in really not liking the Droid's keyboard.