View Full Version : Hackintosh graphics card for dual displays

2010-10-11, 22:52
I love my Hackintosh but can't seem to use it right now. See, the problem is I have a stuttering mouse when I connect two displays. I'm running an ASUS 4850 on it and other than dual displays it works great. What graphics card out there can run dual displays without causing the system to stutter?

I've tested with one display and there is no issue at all. When Beast is running Windows 7 the system is rock solid. I read on another forum that this is a common issue but that can't be for all graphics cards. And ideas or personal experiance?

2010-10-14, 22:18
Man, no one has any ideas? I did realize it's actually a 4870 in there and not a 4850 though if that makes a difference.

2010-10-14, 22:54
Sorry. No clue. I don't run 2 displays on my hack. I could try and see if my 4890 works with 2 displays if that'll help. :\

2010-10-14, 23:05
Sure, I'll upgrade it if I have to. :) Just to know if works.

2010-10-14, 23:55
Sorry. No clue. I don't run 2 displays on my hack.

Same. Wish I could help.

2010-10-15, 10:28
No go on my hack. I only have one DVI port and my HDMI won't display the second screen. I also have a display port connection but no cable to get my tv connected to it. Sorry!

2010-10-15, 21:25
Oh well, thanks for trying. :)

2010-10-17, 22:29
Well, I just ran software updates on my Beast and it seems to have fixed my issue. :) Go Apple! Thanks for making my hackintosh better! :D

There is an odd thing happening with my tabs in Safari though...

2010-10-18, 04:34
So much for that fix. Guess I jumped the gun on that one. It isn't fixed.