View Full Version : Selling my iMac! $750

2010-10-23, 10:48
I was incorrect.

2010-10-23, 11:00
:no: :no: :no:

2010-10-23, 11:37
:no: :no: :no:

:confused: What's wrong? What am I missing?

2010-10-23, 11:40
:confused: What's wrong? What am I missing?

From the Bazaar rules, as addendum-ed by Brad:

Update: I have relaxed the requirements for Bazaar access such that now you need to have been an AppleNova member for at least a year or you have made at least 100 posts.

So Computertino doesn't count to post there, so he posted it here, which in my mind is bad taste. He may be trustworthy, we haven't known him long enough to judge that, but it's still a clear attempt to circumvent the rules.

2010-10-23, 11:50
Ah...I see. I forgot about that.

EDIT: Oh, and I just now realized this is in the "Purchasing Advice" thread. So, yeah...not cool. Definitely shows "intent". :\

Computertino, you might want to reconsider this thread (before a mod does).