View Full Version : Editing Audio Files

2010-10-28, 16:37
I'm looking for a piece of software to edit, cut and merge audio files. Mostly just .mp3s, but perhaps some AAC files too. I only need basic stuff to edit lectures before I share them with my classmates. I understand Audacity is the open source software to do this, are there any other choices or programs you guys have experience with? I'm hoping for a free solution, but I'm open to hear about everything and make an educated choice. Does GarageBand do this type of thing? (I don't have it installed at the moment.)

I put this in Purchasing Advice but I also considered Genius Bar - feel free to move if it is misplaced.

2010-10-28, 17:10
Garage Band Should work for everything you mentioned above. I'd give that a try before buying new software. It's pretty intuitive and easy to use.