View Full Version : iMac to repair?

2010-11-12, 08:27
My in-Laws are looking for an iMac and I found one on craigslist that is having intermitent power issues. I think it's a faulty power supply but not 100% sure, what are the chances it is this and would it be worth getting and fixing if I can get it for under $100.00, since a power supply is about $100.00.

Here is the description on CL:

17 inch iMac G5, July 2005, 1.5 GB RAM, works well but has intermittent power problems, probably the SMU. See http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1767
Could be the capacitors though they look OK on visual inspection.
Unit is good for part-out or could be repaired if you have the skill.
Original gray disks; no keyboard or mouse. Make offer.

2010-11-12, 13:55
The G5 iMacs were known for bad power supplies, personally I wouldn't buy a PPC Mac at this stage of the game.

2010-11-12, 14:03
Thanks! They really just wanted to use it for surfing the web and email and they liked my 20" iMac. I will look for an intel iMac I suppose.

2010-11-12, 14:32
I have a functioning 20" iMac G5 that had its mobo and power supply replaced due to bad caps I'd be willing to part with, but I'm not sure if anyone would actually want it since less and less software will be PPC compatible (including OS X :eek: ). This rate of less software being PPC compatible seems to be increasing as well.

2010-11-12, 16:07
I have a 20" G5 iMac and I know I need a new computer and would give them mine but I am on to tight of a budget to get a Mac anytime soon. Plus I just got a Macbook Pro from work to use, so that helps me just not them.