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2010-11-28, 19:22
My ex's father is thinking about buying her a superzoom lens (18-200) for Christmas; specifically a Nikon 18-200.

Are there any opinions on this lens, or cheaper off-brand 'equivalents'?

Dorian Gray
2010-11-30, 15:25
This lens was clearly the best of its type at its introduction a few years ago, and remains at or near the top of the pile. Cheaper options either don't have optical image stabilisation (basically a necessity for this kind of lens), or are not up to snuff optically and/or mechanically. They may nevertheless represent good value (though I personally wouldn't buy a superzoom without image stabilisation at any price).

There is one lens which might be a worthy competitor, though it doesn't cost much less: the Tamron 18-270 mm f/3.5-6.3 VC. This lens has a slightly larger range than even the 18-200 mm Nikkor, and has even more effective image stabilisation (Tamron's VC is probably the best optical stabilisation system in the business). DPReview reviewed (http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/tamron_18-270_3p5-6p3_vc_n15/) it, if you're interested.

Note there is a new, smaller version coming soon, which may or may not be as good optically.

2010-11-30, 15:38
I'd say stick with the Nikkor. You may even want to consider buying a used first generation 18-200mm VR from a reputable camera shop, if money is an issue. The Tamron and Sigma 18-200mm lenses are both F3.5-6.3, which aren't great, not to mention being optically inferior.

Dorian Gray
2010-12-09, 14:59
Note there is a new, smaller version coming soon, which may or may not be as good optically.
And here it is: the baroquely titled Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD (Model B008) (http://www.tamron.com/en/news/2010/1209.html).

It's certainly small. :eek:

2010-12-29, 18:58
I know it has been a while since you started this thread but Tamron now have a 70-300mm lens which has got a number of good reviews. Plus it has image stabilisation and a USM motor. So overall it is highly speced and therefore a good alternative to the brand models.