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2011-02-02, 10:53
There is really no contest on this one except one big issue that I would have to give up... FREE Mobile HotSpot access! I am okay with my Palm and I wish I could say that I use my MHS more than I do, but I really don't. So I need some help and some advice.

What would you do here? Would you give up the MHS for a new iPhone? Would you pass on the iPhone to keep an okay / decent smartphone with the free MHS access? I appreciate any insight that you might have. I lurk around here a ton and appreciate the advice that's given. I think for me, too, the data on the phone itself (the iPhone) is more useful, friendly, meaningful then what it has been for me on the Palm Pixi.

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts.

- Jay

2011-02-02, 11:14
Since you've got a decent phone already, I'd wait until at least iPhone 5 is released this summer.

2011-02-02, 11:20
What Tori said.

As for the mobile hotspot, the feature is supposed to be included in 4.3. I guess the availability will be based on carriers. If you don't mind jailbreaking though, you can get some hotspot apps...

2011-02-02, 11:25
I agree with torifile. We're past that halfway point now, where you're on the backside six months leading up to a new iPhone. At this point, just hunker down another five months and treat yourself to the iPhone 5, come June/July, if you're in a position to do so (and a new phone is more of a "want" than an actual "need").

Everyone's needs and thoughts on such things differ, but my general rule of thumb is to not buy after halfway into a known, predictable cycle...unless I just absolutely have to. The iPhone is great, and you certainly won't go wrong in getting an iPhone 4 (I love mine), but if you're okay with the Pixi for a while longer, see what Apple rolls out this summer.

But I won't lie...the iPhone 4 is amazing, and you know what? I'm just not expecting the iPhone 5 to be as big a leap forward. I've said it in other threads, but I have a feeling the iPhone 5 is going to be more like the iPhone 3G to 3Gs update than another 3Gs-to-4 type of leap. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the overall design and core features remained, and the iPhone 5 was just a slightly tweaked, under-the-hood upgrade (faster processor, etc.). I don't think we're going to get a radical, new redesign and a boatload of new hardware-based features and capabilities with the iPhone 5. I just don't.

That's just a gut hunch and speculation on my part, mind you.

But it's already got GPS, great cameras, gyroscope, Retina Display, sleek design, iOS 4 support, flash, FaceTime. What, in one year's time, are they going to add to all that, to "top" those things?

Hmmm...maybe I don't agree with torifile after all? :D

Toss a coin! You win either way. :)

2011-02-02, 12:12
Either way, whether you wait until June or grab an iPhone 4, jailbreak it and grab a mobile hotspot app for $20. Much better than paying the carrier an additional fee each month to use the data you're already paying for.

I've had my iPhones jailbroken off and on for years and have never had an issue.

2011-02-02, 13:05
Thanks for the input guys. The other reason why I would want to get an iPhone now is for the unlimited data and getting locked into that agreement. Any other thoughts?

Is the Jailbreaking process hard to accomplish? It is something that I have wondered about and am interested in. Is it one of those "not for the faint of heart" type things? Also, with jailbreaking, can you still use the normal apps purchased from the regular App Store?

2011-02-02, 13:12
Yep, every other app is still working. You still can buy new app from the app store and all. It just add Cydia as a alternative store.

The process is generally easy. iOS 4.1 was a joke to jailbreak and prior version too. A simple double click on this, hold buttons on your phone 10 seconds and release. Looks like it can be done with 4.2 but you have to find a beta... I personally didn't tried it. There's no real reason for me to upgrade. I'm waiting 4.3 which should be released soon.

2011-02-02, 13:20
I was planning on buying a V iPhone tonight but the more I think about the more I think I should wait and see what happens in June/July and then decide where to go. My contract is up so I am just sitting and waiting for now.

2011-02-02, 17:25
I still don't know what I am going to do. The Pixi is cute and nice, but I think I want more data bang for my buck. There aren't many good apps for Palm unfortunately. It is a good OS. I think that running Skype on the new iPhone on an unlimited plan would be good, too for what I do. I don't have to worry about cell minutes then!

2011-02-02, 20:06
Note that skype is good for calling but you can't really let it opened all day to receive calls. It's such a battery sucker. It will drain like 10% per hour on my 3GS (Just being in standby mode).

Having said that, I still use it to make long distance call all the time and it's working flawlessly. Even the video chat is quit surprising !

2011-02-03, 09:37
If I were you I would order today. The Pixi may be cute looking but it's really not a good device. It's really a waste to be paying $30 for data on a phone like that since it's not enjoyable to use. The free hotspot is nice but you want a smartphone you can use above all else. The other thing is that assuming Apple harmonizes the upgrade cycles this summer the iPhone 5 for Verizon will almost certainly not have LTE support so you'll be looking at minor spec bumps most likely. If you buy now you would be able to upgrade to the iPhone 6 not long after it comes out or sooner if you do a one year.

If you really want to wait I would get an Android phone off of Craigslist or Ebay and use that for now. You can get a really good deal most of the time. I just bought a practically new LG Optimus for $125.

2011-02-03, 14:57
I think that I am going to wait until the 9th to preorder the iPhone and go get it at my local Apple store. I want to see if there are any problems with the device for people that get them early.

- Jay