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2011-03-09, 08:33
Hey guys, I have a two-fold question. I have an opportunity to sell my iPad for $325 to $350 it looks like. Do you think it would be worth it to sell and upgrade to an iPad 2?

I won't purchase the iPad 2 unless I am able to see my iPad in the first place. So, I need sellers advice here in order for my purchasing advice.

Thoughts? Thank you in advance.

2011-03-09, 09:41
I'm considering the same move, but more so to get 3G/GPS capabilities. All the other stuff in the new iPad is just icing on the cake. :)

With Apple price drops and everyone trying to sell their iPad1 models, 325-350 is about all you can hope to get, depending on the model you have.

2011-03-09, 10:37
If you have the 16 GB WiFi model, I think that's a pretty good price. I mean, people who know what they're doing will buy one refurbished (new case & battery, 1 year warranty) from Apple for $350.

As far as whether it's worth it, that's your call. Is it worth $150 for you to get a faster CPU & GPU, plus a couple cameras?

2011-03-09, 11:05
Not to mention thinner, lighter, and able to use cool magnetic covers. :D

2011-03-09, 11:21
Got the iPhone. I looked like it had been run over by a truck! :grumble:

Ok. Ok. It's in perfect shape. Thanks 'fiend!

2011-03-09, 12:03
Got the iPhone. I looked like it had been run over by a truck! :grumble:

Ok. Ok. It's in perfect shape. Thanks 'fiend!

Hahaha! :p

Seriously though, glad it arrived OK.

2011-03-21, 18:40
Stop giving me ideas! So I should sell my original iPad (32GB Wi-Fi) on eBay to get an iPad 2? Maybe that's what I need to do...

It's been too long since I sold my PowerBook G3 to get a PowerBook 2400c, and my beloved PowerBook 2400c to get a plain old iBook G3. Time to mix it up?

2011-03-21, 20:13
Well, I did it. I ended up getting $300 for it and also picked up a 32GB iPad 2 wifi only. Loving it. It was worth paying the price difference for me. Glad that I do have to wait for pages to reload every time in Safari. Man, that was at times annoying.