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2011-04-14, 23:04
Anyone use a Kindle case?

The back of my Kindle seems to click, like the rubber back piece has some space between it and whatever innards there are. I think I want to get a case for the Kindle so that I don't notice the clicking very much. This is my second Kindle so I'm not bothering to have it replaced again - I'm guessing this is just shoddy workmanship that is standard for such a cheap eReader...

So, I'm here asking about cases? Anyone got any suggestions for something sleek, thin? I'm mostly worried about it not being too bulky, I don't think I need a light...

2011-04-14, 23:05
Which generation Kindle do you have?

2011-04-14, 23:06
Which generation Kindle do you have?

Most recent, the grey 3G one.

2011-04-14, 23:21
According to Amazon reviews, you want to stay away from any unlit cover that uses metal clips, because they can apparently cause Kindles to reboot...? But that's, well, a lot of the cases.

Oddly, Amazon seems to have discontinued their non-lighted covers. They used to be available in all seven colors that the lighted covers were available in, for $35. I would have thought Amazon would have wanted to keep them around, especially since the "Kindle with Special Offers" is $115 and thus a Kindle with Special Offers and an unlit case could be had for $150, just like how ad-free Kindles with lit cases come out to a nice round $200 and $250. So maybe the unlit case was causing problems?

2011-04-14, 23:24
I kind of like this:


But I'm not sure what I'm really looking for - a dodo would be suh-weet.
I think my primary concern is to just not feel that clicking that I described when I hold it and switch pages... its maddening. (Should have stuck with the iPad.)

EDIT: Wait! There is a dodocase (http://www.dodocase.com/collections/dodocase/products/dodocase-for-kindle)!

2011-04-14, 23:27
Oh, yeah. I forgot there was a Kindle Dodocase.

Get that. :p

2011-04-14, 23:29
Off topic, but does anyone else feel that clicking? Or is it just me and my bad luck to get two Kindles that do it? Or am I just being way too picky?

Dodo seems real spiffy, but a little pricy... Well at least my choices are very well narrowed down.

2011-04-14, 23:34
Dodo seems real spiffy, but a little pricy...

They're so worth it though. Use it in public and you'll get lots of compliments. And if you use it in Starbucks, you'll be the perfect latte-sipping Mac-using e-reading hipster, like Capella and I. :D

2011-04-15, 17:34
They were just selling the Amazon lighted case in black for $14.99 in a warehouse deal but I think it's over. They were open box but most who bought them said they were like new. I have that case but it kind of makes things heavy and I don't use the light as much as I thought. It is well made though. If I had to do it over I think I would just get a sleeve. I really prefer just holding the device. I bought this (http://www.byrdandbelle.bigcartel.com/) one for my daughter and it's pretty nice.