View Full Version : Case for Wacom Tablet

2011-04-26, 17:37
Do any of you travel with a Wacom?

What do you use to store it in when it's not being used?

I now have Wacom's Intuos 4 tablet in the medium size and am looking to purchase a case for it to live inside when I'm not using it. Wacom makes one for my size (medium) but it's perpetually on backorder, so I'd have to buy it from a different retailer, which isn't a problem. However, after reading the reviews I see that the "made for the tablet" case doesn't include a dedicated pocket/holder for the base for the stylus, and I'd like to travel that with me. I have a zippered pocket I got from Container store that would work just fine for the base IF there's room for it in the case, but this makes me realize that I could just look for a nice neoprene notebook sleeve and use THAT for the tablet.