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2011-06-28, 23:48
So here's the deal. I love my Tilt 2 however everyday it feels even older than the day before by leaps and bounds rather than days. I still love it, but need to move to a modern OS for my phone.

I love my keyboard. It's my favorite feature. I'm not seeing this out there now though it seems. Am I just missing them?
Next on my love is that the WiFi sharing app handles the request in a way that minimizes AT&T's ability to notice I'm sharing my internet connection. I don't mind paying for "tethering" but would rather not give up my unlimited data if I can help it.
TrackMe is what's keeping me on the device. It's only for WM6.x right now. The developer just released a WP7 version though it's rough. He is looking to develop an Android version though since it seems to be the largest market. iOS version said to be in the works. I think it's on the same release track and GnR's new album and Duke Nukem Forever though. Sure it's coming.....when.....

So, what phone should I be looking at? I'm open to all phones really, but I think I'd like an Android over a WP7. I'm actually not drawn to a WP7 at all. I don't care much about Web2.0 and social networking. Email, text and web. Apps are good, if I need them when I need them. I use a 3G iPhone as a Touch so I'm certainly cool with iOS now that it multitasks. If only TrackMe would get released. So I guess I'm looking toward Android with keyboard, though I could do without that if needed. AT&T also since the rest of my family uses iPhones.

Got any ideas for me to look into? I can hold out if an awesome phone is on the horizon. I don't have to replace it now, I just want to start budgeting for it. I'm clear for a full discounted pricing.

2011-06-29, 09:35
*grabs popcorn*

I would love to hear what people recommend. I'm at the end of my current plan, and am using a G1. Also love my keyboard, but I think I'll have to sacrifice it for my next upgrade.

Would love to hear what Robo has to say on the issue though. :D



2011-06-29, 10:50
If you want a qwerty Android slider on AT&T, you only have two options: the Motorola Flipside and the just-released Pantech Crossover. Both are low, low-end phones (think 3.1" HVGA displays and 600MHz processors). AT&T simply doesn't have a Droid or G2 or Epic equivalent; that's probably the biggest hole in their line-up. (They offer the LG Quantum instead, but if you don't like Windows Phone, you don't like Windows Phone.)

The Flipside runs 2.1. The Crossover runs 2.2. Don't expect any updates, ever, on either of them. The Crossover is Pantech's first ever smartphone, actually. They're, uh, a "value" brand.

There is one other qwerty Android device on AT&T, but it's not a slider: it's the cutesy Motorola Flipout, with a small keyboard that...flips out. It's essentially a portrait qwerty device when open; some people like smaller portrait keyboards and some people don't. As far as specs go, it's even lower-end than the others, with a 2.8" QVGA display.

It is cute, though.

I hate to say it, but AT&T just doesn't seem to offer a phone like you want at present. They were last to the Android party and outside of the Captivate and Atrix (both of which lack keyboards) they only seem intent on using Android to fill out their low-end range. I'll do some digging and see if they have a Droid/Epic/G2 competitor in the works, but my gut says the Crossover is going to be it, for this year. Sprint's supplanting their Epic 2 with a non-qwerty model, a la Droid X and G2x, and T-Mobile has EOLed the G2, too.

2011-06-29, 11:01
Hahaha, I almost forgot, next month AT&T is set to offer the HTC Status, aka the Facebook phone. Admit it, you've always wanted your phone to have a Facebook button. :p

Here's the deal, with landscape qwerty phones in 2011: They're like Green Lantern. :p A few geeks love them, but they're not appealing enough to the mass market. We see hardware keyboards on very low-end BlackBerry Curve-style phones like the Status, where they're apparently still cheaper than having a screen large enough to type on, but on higher-end sliders? They're a niche.

Also, this 2005 post from a similar thread makes me lol:


GPRS slow?

I am typing on T mobile sidekick right now. In fact, I almost always read AN on my sidekick as it makes for perfect reading on otherwise boring bus trips or waiting for x, and I've found it to be as good, if not better, than 56k.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

2011-06-29, 13:20
So If I were to just give up on the idea of a slider (those mentioned aren't in my quality level) what would be the best option for me? Which phones should I look at?

2011-06-29, 14:28
So If I were to just give up on the idea of a slider (those mentioned aren't in my quality level) what would be the best option for me? Which phones should I look at?

Motorola's Atrix and HTC's Inspire are both good. The Atrix even has a dock that turns it into a laptop, but...it's not very good. But the phone is!

The Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) is also good, but it's getting a little long in the tooth. The Infuse is newer, but it's still basically a first-gen Galaxy S with a "4G" radio and a larger screen. AT&T is expected to start selling the Galaxy S II as the Samsung Attain soon-ish. They'll also be getting the Optimus 3D as the LG Thrill, if, you know, you want a 3D screen on your phone.

That's pretty much all of them. With a dual-core processor, a qHD display and 1GB of RAM, the Atrix is one of the beefiest phones out there, so if you want something that's really 2011, you should start your search there. If you don't mind last year's top of the line, the Inspire also features a 4.3" screen and HSPA+ support at potentially a lower price, depending on where you go and what sort of upgrades you qualify for. Hope that helps :)

2011-06-29, 20:17
Thanks for the tips. Both are only $100 for me. :) I like the Atrix from what I'm seeing. I'll got get my hands on one soon and try it out. Might even buy one down the line.