View Full Version : Case/Backpack for 17" MBP

2011-07-27, 10:28
Hi guys,

My mom is looking for a new backpack or carrying case for her 17" MBP. She's interested in something as slim as possible, preferably that she can carry over her shoulder. It doesn't need to be big or have very many pockets, she doesn't carry much besides the laptop.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or at least suggestions about how to go looking for such a product? Amazon? Apple store doesn't have a great selection...

(If only she would buy a 11" or 13" Air... :devil: )


2011-07-27, 16:39
Maybe check outWaterfield Designs (http://www.sfbags.com/)? I don't have experience with their bags, but I've had a few of their laptop sleeves over the years and they're nothing short of fantastic.

2011-07-31, 20:41
Thanks for the link tomoe, some of their cases are beautiful, I think I may even get a Muzetto for myself. Haha, still hunting for my ma' tho.

I think what she really needs is a tote bag, maybe leather. If anyone has a cute one let me know!

2011-07-31, 20:53

That's not "cute," but I think you're unlikely to find something cute for a 17" MBP. That said, I adore STM bags. I just bought my third one. They're sturdy, lightweight, and made specifically for Apple computers. You can find most of them on Amazon.