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Dorian Gray
2011-08-26, 02:46
Hello, all.

I need to acquire a device for measuring, with 1-gram accuracy, the weight of objects under 2 kg. Where should I start looking?

Features I desire include:

utter simplicity of operation
small footprint, because I live in cramped quarters
battery-powered operation if digital, because I'll be dragging this out of the drawer to use a few times a month.

Features I don't need include:

digital readout. I guess they all have this anyway?
any kind of built-in cleverness, such as a postage rate calculator
very low price, because quality is remembered long after the blah blah.

Any ideas?

2011-08-26, 06:08


Edit: To actually be helpful, I used to use this scale from Target (http://www.target.com/p/Primo-Digital-Scale-White/-/A-688840) daily to weigh rats. It's "cheap," but it was very functional and worked well — even for measuring squirming goods. $30. Kitchen scales are a good place to look for this kind of thing.

2011-08-26, 09:30

this is my Soehnle, I use it for cooking, I bought another brand a couple of years ago that has a bunch of functions, while useful, it's hard to read, so it's in the cupboard and the Soehnle sits out on the counter, quite nice looking too. this one is less than 30$. I just now realize I've been using it daily over ten years, still good as new. has only one button, on/off, and while on doubles as the tare button. inside a rubber cover is the battery and a switch for switching from metric to pounds.
they have many models, but I really like their style and ease of use, which seems to be what they go for.

2011-08-26, 16:01
very low price, because quality is remembered long after the blah blah.
:eek: You blah blah'd me. :(

You cut me deep Shrek. You cut me real deep. :D

Dorian Gray
2011-08-27, 10:26
:eek: You blah blah'd me. :(

The Soehnle looks nice. Thanks, gents.