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2011-11-21, 08:44
Hey all,

Been a while since my last post. Life hasn't been easy :)

So I am trying to figure out whether I should get a MBP 15" base model vs MBA 13" base model.
Now the price difference between the two after educational reduction is 500 CHF (approx. 560 USD)

I will primarily use this in the Uni, so I need portability. I don't know yet how often I will have to take it with me, but I am guessing often enough. I won't be using this for any high-end gaming or software or photo editing (may be some basic editing, if at all),
But mostly I will use it for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mail, Web (Multiple windows and such) and may be statistical software such as SPSS and perhaps even Mathematica. I like to watch 1080p movies, and would like to use this with Thunderbolt display (if it is worth the money, that's another question:) )

Current setup:
At the moment I have a 17" MBP 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo with 8GB memory which I will sell soon. It is little bit too big for me and I bought when I was using it for photo editing as well as when I was running MatLab and such, which I am not doing anymore.

1. Given my current setup I am wondering if I would be happy with the performance of the MBA? or should I go for the MBP? Is it really worth the extra money?

2. If you suggest MBA, is 128GB really enough? It seems so little.

3. Also, 4GB memory? really? Isn't 8GB like a standard nowadays?

4. Screen: Thunderbolt display is very attractive (specially in the case of MBA, the support for extra ports, USB, Firewire, etc), but 1000CHF (1100 USD) seems a freaking lot, but the cheapest I found with the same resolution is about 770 CHF (860 USD) from Dell (UltraSharp U2711), but then again it doesn't offer all the goodies of Apple display (LED and ports). So can someone convince me of which would be the better investment.

5. More of a note: The longest I have ever used the same Mac is 1.9 years; usually I sell them afterwards.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything. Well the budget is there, but I always prefer to save, because I don't want to spend it just like that.

Thanks everyone,


2011-11-21, 08:55
If you're thinking at all of getting a display, I would always suggest going with the MBA unless you need the larger hard drive with you at all times. For what you're describing, you're a perfect candidate for the MBA. There are a rare few people these days who would be better served by an MBP, IMHO.

2011-11-26, 05:07
Thanks tori for the reply, I settled for the MBA.

On a note, I had to return my MBA just after 4 hours of buying it, because the screen had really faint white horizontal lines (like in between pixels) just on the bottom quarter of the screen which was really annoying.

Took it back to the apple store, they gave me a new one, and it is awesome (They haven't seen these lines before, it was first time for them and were quite surprised).

Did anyone else experience this? just curious