View Full Version : Bluetooth adapter needed.

2011-12-26, 19:45
I need to get a Bluetooth adapter for my hackintosh to work with my Magic Trackpad. The one I have now is a cheap $1 from eBay one that works for most basic things but not working with this. Anyway, has anyone got a good one to recommend? From Amazon is the major plus here. :D

2011-12-28, 00:31
I found an old Class 1 v1 USB adapter with an unknown brand right now and it's working great with my Magic Trackpad. I will need another one for when I take it to work though. :)

2011-12-28, 17:11
It's been a while, but I had good luck with D-Link USB Bluetooth adaptors in the past.

EDIT: This one, specifically:


2011-12-28, 17:39
Thanks. I seem to remember reading the/a D-link adapter was the best way to go.

2011-12-28, 17:43
I know it had driver support built into the OS in 10.5 and 10.6, but I haven't tried it with 10.7