View Full Version : Question about buying powerbook

steven moffat
2005-01-25, 14:29
I am getting ready to buy a powerbook and was wondering if i should wait for a newer one to come out. I dont want to buy a powebook g4 and then later this year they release the g5 powerbook. Please let me know what you all think.


2005-01-25, 15:06
New ones should be coming out any week now. They've gone nearly a year without an update so I'd say wait, unless you REALLY need one right away. If you can wait a month or two, do so, because it'll likely get an update before then. However, there will probably be at least one more G4 revision before the G5s. If you want to wait for a G5, then I'd say keep waiting, it could be many months before we see a PowerBook G5.

Franz Josef
2005-01-25, 17:41
Worth stressing you may wait for a v..e..r..y long time for a PB G5...........