View Full Version : Espresso Maker or Milk steamer

2016-12-22, 19:01
So I have grown very fond of an Italian brand of espresso bean I can get from Amazon. Currently I'm making my espresso with a stovetop pot that makes 6 shots. I more than anything want a milk steamer so I can make my own lattes. I'm looking at getting an espresso maker though since it would have the steamer with it. I'm open to just a milk steamer though since the quality of the stovetop pot seems really good. Who else out there loves espresso and has come brand or product in mind?

2016-12-22, 22:45
What's your price range? I'm always a huge fan of anything Breville makes.

2016-12-22, 22:50
I don't have a price range really. I don't want to spend over $1000 as a joke. Really though, I don't have a range other than I don't like buying the most expensive unless it really is worth it and will last me for years. I would far rather pay more for quality that will last over something I'm going to throw out in short order. I'm thinking it should last as long as Mrs T's KitchenAide mixer. It is still going after all these years. I guess a more specific price range would be under $500.

2016-12-23, 00:08
So I looked at that line and I really could spend $2000 with them. That is all very overkill for my home's needs though. The $500 one would be just fine for my use.

I am eyeing that frothing pitcher though. That is what I really need at this point. The fact that it would do hot chocolate and such is a major bonus. I didn't even know a product like it existed.

2016-12-23, 13:21
I will freely admit that I do not own one of their espresso machines, but I have their coffee machine with the bean grinder and their tea maker and they are amazing quality. Very well built and have had zero issues. I have looked at the espresso machines and looked at that $500 one as well but it's a lot for something I don't know if I would use a ton. The coffee machine was $250 but I use it every day and it makes a damn good cup of coffee.

2016-12-23, 18:28
The second coffee shop I worked at had Breville and I love their quality, so I'd encourage you to look at them. This one (https://www.brevilleusa.com/the-barista-expresstm.html)looks really nice - it's got the straight wand I prefer for milk steaming and it has reasonable automated features. The grinder as pat of it is nice.

2017-01-10, 12:49
So I have been looking and looking for what I'm after. I think I've figured something out. It looks like my best fit right now is the Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother (http://amzn.to/2jrjX0C). It would allow me to wash it in the dishwasher first off. Beyond that it would do the hot chocolate for my family. Now I just need to go ahead and order it.