View Full Version : Need a little Advice (PowerBook now or wait for G5?)

2005-02-02, 20:01
I am looking to converting to Apple from a Dell Inspiron 8200. The specs on the dell are 1.8 P4m processor and 1 gb of ram. I know that there are differences in the way that the processes are performed on the PC and Apple. So what is comparable to this on the Apple side? I am interested in the new 17' powerbook. Will I be able to notice a difference my dell and the new powerbook 1.67mhz/1gb ram? Or would you wait for the alleged "G5"? I don't want to buy a system that is not an upgrade. I really do think that the 17' monitor is a huge upgrade because I am on it so much at school (All of our class materials are on computers). I am very interested, but cautious due to the ignorance about apple products.

2005-02-02, 20:15
You'll get the usual (valid) advice that you need to determine what you'll use the computer for and that you can't measure across processors clock-for-clock, but IMHO, you'll be very happy with the powerbook. It should trounce that P4. Get it and don't look back. ;)

2005-02-02, 20:20
Just make sure you get 1 GB (or more) of RAM in the PowerBook, and it will run circles around the Dell. And it will hold its resale value MUCH better, so don't worry about making a "bad investment".

2005-02-02, 20:30
So go with the G4 and forget about the alleged "G5"? I just don't want something to come out soon and be much better.

2005-02-02, 20:32
We are in the sweet spot of the upgrade cycle right now. It will be quite a while before we see a G5 in a PowerBook. Even if it's "only" 6 months from now, you will have 6 months of Mac usage under your belt, and that is "priceless".

2005-02-02, 20:33
If you are using it for school... you will love the powerbook. But, as I see plenty of student owned powerbooks, you might want the 12" just for it's portability. Yes, the 17" is light and very thin (which you just can't find a 17" as thin or light) and light. . . but it's still a 17" screen.

2005-02-02, 20:39
The size is not an issue. My classes are all in the same room. I would not need to move it around except to go class and the library at night. I am using it over 10 hours daily so the large screen is nice. It also helps to have two documents full size open at the same time.
About the G5 is that if Apple is having such problems getting the computer to market, I think that they might have major problems still. The first generation will be a psuedo Beta tester. It has taken them 2.5 years and they still state that they are having a heck of a time.

2005-02-02, 21:28
I feel that they are not so much having a hard time with the G5s and Powerbooks (considering that the chip is rather cool at slightly lower clock speeds)... it's that the chip offerings from freescale are looking much better these days then when under the Moto brand (Moto still owns freescale, but there is a lot more effort put into their chips these days). I mean, at Moto's hight with the G4, Apple had to overclock the 1.33Ghz G4 chips to 1.42 just to bump the line. But with freescale, we are now seeing 1.7Ghz G4s (native speeds) and much to look forward to from them. Maybe Apple just does not feel the rush if the G4 is picking up again... I mean, why not let them wait till a kickass G5 (90nm or less... powersavings to the maxx yo') can be used so the update will really be something big vs just getting a G5 out the door?

2005-02-03, 11:43
So what I understand is that it will be a while for the G5 and most are cautious of a first generation. If this is the case would I not be foolish not to buy the new update and sell it when the 2nd gen G5 is released?

2005-02-03, 12:20
Too many "nots" in that last post...I'm completely confused about what you're asking. :p

Let's just distill this down to the goodies: Bottom line:

a) PowerBooks were JUST updated (Monday). The 17" - as does the 12" and 15" models - totally rocks. Better, faster, fuller-featured AND lower-priced than they've EVER been. Bluetooth 2.0, that new motion sensor thing, the scrollpad, 5400rpm drives, 8x SuperDrives, brighter backlit keyboard, etc.

b) Apple seems to have NO problem letting the PowerBooks easily go nine or so months between updates (check your history...HUGE gaps). I don't think you're going to buy this, then have new ones come out in three months.

c) Apple says - over and over and over again, as recently as just this week - that getting a G5 into a PowerBook is no cakewalk...don't look for it anytime soon.

Actually, I should clarify: they can get a G5 into a PowerBook RIGHT NOW...but who in the hell among us is going to buy a 2" thick slab that weighs 9 pounds and has 22 minutes of battery life?


Exactly. None of us.

We're completely spoiled by the light, sleek (BUT full-featured) design of the PowerBooks, and NO ONE - Apple, customers, etc. - want to feel like we're going "backwards" and going from the current sleek, beautiful PowerBooks to, frankly, Dell- and Toshiba-looking huge, heavy chunks and slabs of plastic and metal.

No thanks.

WHEN Apple can get G5s that are appropriate for notebook usage, they'll put them in there. But I think that time is WAY off. In fact, it won't surprise me one bit if Monday's update takes us through well into the fall, where perhaps - at a "special press event", a G5 PowerBook is announced. If not then, it'll probably come at MWSF 2006.

Get the PowerBook. Get as much RAM as you can afford. Love it. And you'll kick yourself for not switching sooner, unless you're just a pot-stirring weirdo with no taste and a deep-seated contrarian streak.

:p ;)