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Chris Keele
2005-02-03, 01:45
Hey all,
I am looking for a set of desk speakers for my iBook and iPod Shuffle for around $100. I can't really decide between the JBL Creature II speakers and the Klipsch 2.0 speakers. Both sell for $99. I have heard that the Klipsch speakers have a better sound, but, since they lack a subwoofer, they have a little less kick.
The speakers will of course be used for music, games, and movies on my ibook. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

2005-02-05, 19:38
Haven't ried either of those, but I just got the "Virgin Boomtube". It really sucks! For $100, I got some of the worst sounding portable speakers (or any kind of speakers for that matter) that I have ever heard. I even took back the first set I got thinking they were defective, only to be shocked that the new ones were just as bad. If anybody has a reccomendation for a really good set of traveling speakers I'd like to hear about it.

2005-02-05, 19:53
I might suggest a used/refurbished set of Logitech Z-560s. Technically, they're a 4.1 set, but you can choose to use just two of the satellites with the sub so it'll work even on an iBook or iPod. They're THX-certified and have a total power of 400 watts (188W in the sub and 53W per satellite, so it would be around 300W if you run it as a 2.1 set.

It's very powerful and sounds great. Plus, despite their large size, they only cost me about $80. The MSRP is something ridiculous like $200, but there's no way you need to spend that much. There are always some fairly inexpensive sets on eBay, and I'm sure they'll sound much better than either of the sets you're currently looking at for the same price.

Chris Keele
2005-02-05, 22:12
I finally bought the speakers. I got a set of the Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1. I couldn't be happier. Perfect sound in all ranges, and a handy-dandy little volume/bass control station. Best $150 that could be spent on speakers!

2005-02-06, 00:44
Everything Klipsch makes is awesome. Good choice.

2005-03-21, 00:07
You're right about Klipsch brand. I found an unremarkable looking 2.1 system from rslspeakers.com that sound great and will give Klipsch a run for the money. $60.00 from vendor and satifaction guarantee. I read way back Dr Mac used these on his desktop and thought he wouldn't use anything less than quality. I lucked out with these and think they are worth a try before spending more.

2005-03-21, 00:24
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