View Full Version : any suggestions on the powerbook?

2005-02-09, 13:33
i've been pondering a lot lately on whether or not to get a powerbook g4 b/c of the talk of the g5... but all the talk is scetchy and theres no real solid block of time thats consitant... i hear from next year sometime all the way to this up coming april of '05.

:confused: is it worth it to buy the g4? i can use it for school (at school, on the road, at g'mas house and work, ect). so it would be used just about everyday... but, is worth the 2000-3000$ on the g4?

2005-02-09, 13:42
There must be several recent threads on this already. My suggestion is go back a couple of pages in this forum and see what's already been said. :)