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2005-02-10, 19:56
i have a question on student discounts.... im a junior in highschool, i have my student id as i walk into the apple store and i go to buy an isight for my imac.. and i asked the guy if i was able to get the student discount and he was like yea.. so i gave him my license and student id and he was like a college id? and i didnt want to lie so i corrected him by saying highschool... and the guy was like cant give you the discount... only college or teachers.. and i was like on the site it has the discounts for highschool as well.. and he was like yea, its only for teachers though...

and so now, my question is. is that true? are only teachers and college students able to get student discounts? or can students in highschool get the discount w/ their student id card too? :confused:

2005-02-10, 20:06
Short answer, no. As a high school student you do not get the discount. (remember, the discount is a privilege -- not a right.)

Long answer, just buy it online and fudge the college ID... err... I mean, no.

2005-02-10, 20:11
i know its a privilage.. but i wasnt sure b/c i was able to get the discount at another store when i went.... so i was confused.... but thank you for making it straight again:)

2005-02-10, 20:14
More details here:


Those eligible to purchase from the Apple Store for Education Individuals include faculty, staff and students as follows:

K12 - Any employee of a public or private K-12 institution in the United States is eligible. In addition, school board members who are currently serving as elected or appointed members are eligible. PTA or PTO executives currently serving as elected or appointed officers are eligible.

Higher Education - Faculty and staff of Higher Education institutions; and students attending, or accepted into a Higher Education institution are eligible to purchase. Purchases from the Apple Store for Education Individuals are not for institutional purchase or resale.