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2005-02-13, 11:20
I'm sure this has been asked (and anwsered) but I'm a PC user looking to make the switch, and I was looking at getting a G5 iMac. However, I have no interest really in spending $2400 (cdn) on a machine with only 64 mb's of non upgradable internal video memory, and I was wondering whether any of you think their is a chance of the Video card being updated before August (when I plan to buy)

Thanks for your time, sorry if this is redundant.

2005-02-13, 11:24
I can tell this most definately the nvidia graphics card will be upgraded; you might be in luck of a dual G5 one too.

2005-02-13, 11:31
Bookmark this page: MacRumors: Buyer's Guide (http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/) :)

You'll see that the iMac's last update was last August. So, it's sure to be updated before this coming August, one would expect. The update cycles almost always include new graphics cards.

Don't get your hopes up for a dual G5 iMac, though. :p

There was a recent thread about iMac updates (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=4003) here that didn't offer a whole lot of substance, but you might find useful nonetheless.

2005-02-13, 12:49
I really think some serious consideration should be given to my idea outlined here:


All I see lately are mods having to close or move threads, mostly based on questions that can easily be answered either elsewhere (like Brad's link), OR, better yet, have our own "buying guide".

So many redundant (and often chuckle-headed...no, not this one...I'm just saying) threads these past two months.


Too much housecleaning seems to be going on here, that really shouldn't have to. Mostly if people would a) read the posting guidelines and b) use the "search" tool just a bit AND c) providing some sort of "buying guide" feature (or making a sticky, permanent link to the one at macrumors.com and telling everyone to go THERE first for some initial info) would greatly thin some of the clutter and silliness.

This site should be more than just a forum. So many knowledgeable, insightful folks here (not me!) that could make 'Nova a true "place to go", with true, useful day-to-day info.

Enough people seem to keep on and on asking about "when does the [xxx] get updated" and so forth, almost seems warranted at this point.


If I were a mod, I'd be pulling my hair out since about December (check the archives...that's when the lunacy really kicked in).


I don't know web stuff, so I don't know how much I could do. I could write it out, and get it going, I guess. Here's the thing: people won't do it, but they'll tell me "well YOU do it, it's your idea", but the minute I DO, I'll be deluged with corrections, debating, frisked by the grammar police, etc., at which point I'll say "well, you should've been in on it from the beginning, instead of just waiting to pounce on mine!"

:p ;)

It usually takes one person to get the ball rolling (and be a whipping boy), then everyone else will contribute and join in (it's easier to critique, edit, offer additions/corrections, etc. than to actually create from scratch). I know this, so maybe I should just do it, and get it going, realizing I wouldn't be alone for long...


2005-02-14, 01:53
Moving thread to new Purchasing Advice forum.

Hey, it's a start.