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2005-02-14, 00:29
Like the Ars thread, only no consumer-grade panels or response time joneses. :)

This is a good place to voice your concerns, tell us how you like your new LCD (whatever kind it is), or post spec comparisons and the like. Since Son of Sylvanus had some good info in one of the Apple Products threads, I'll repeat some of what we were discussing there.

As a start I am in the market for a high-end LCD that at a minimum can reproduce the sRGB space common to a lot of digital cameras (and which generally behaves well with most printers), and ideally can come close to or actually reproduce the entire Adobe RGB color space. SoS noted the one model that can do that currently:


It costs about $6000 -- not for the faint of heart. A lesser model from Eizo is 21" at 1600x1200 I think, for about $2800 but it doesn't match the color space. That seems like something that's going to compel manufacturers to charge a premium initially until it's a more common characteristic of high end screens.

I was looking at one from Barco that hasn't hit the market yet but looks promising. Not sure if the Barco model can reproduce the Adobe RGB space. I'm guessing not since that would be a big selling point for any professional LCD. But it still looks very impressive:


I am also aware that for some months NEC has been developing an Adobe RGB compliant LCD with one of the new LED backlights, though only a press release can be found on their site.


So let the debating begin. Clearly there are issues with Apple's ACD lineup, despite their chest-beating about SWOP certification and all the rest. Not saying everyone has problems but a lot of people are (more than the usual expectation let's say).

2005-02-14, 00:55
Just to clarify, that Eizo LCD not only supports sRGB profiles, it also has (from my memory last macworld) a 16-bit color conversion system that accurately reproduces the Adobe RGB colorspace. This is FAR superior to sRGB and to the best of my knowledge, is the only LCD to do that.

2005-02-14, 00:59
*drool* :(

2005-02-14, 10:27
and a 10-bit Gamma adjustment system instead of 8-bit. The only bad thing is a response time of 27, but you're not exactly buying a thing like that to dominate at Quake. :D

Now that I look (and apparently Barco may not introduce that new LCD after all based on some other stuff I'm reading), that Eizo CG21 looks really nice and is under $3000. Even if it can't reproduce the Adobe RGB space I bet it's pretty pure for about 92% of any color-critical job you're ever likely to encounter.