View Full Version : PB15 1.5 vs PB15 1.67: worth it?

2005-02-15, 05:17

I would like to buy a new PB15: with EDU discount I can pay the PB15@1.5 GHz (with SuperDrive as BTO) for 1977 euros vs the PB15@1.67 GHz for 2115.
In the second case, for 92 euros more I can add 64 MB VRAM paying totally 2207 euros.
The difference is 230 euros: does it worth it?

Thanks for your help. C.

2005-02-15, 05:27
Please see our Purchasing Advice forum for, well, purchasing advice. :p

I'm moving this thread there now.

2005-02-17, 04:02
You get a 100gb HD an increase of 20 + 2" more screen real estate and a slightly heavier load to carry round.
For small group presentations a 17" is big enough to satisfy most peeps - the 15" is just a bit too small w/o a second display.

If you need it now then the 17 is way to go - the BTO on the 15" will prolly take a while.

2005-02-17, 04:37
Umm, he was comparing two 15" models, not a 15" and a 17".

2005-02-17, 04:40
I think he was talking about the 15" 1.67GHz model - not the 17" 1.67GHz model.

Anyway, I thought you could opt for a 15" 1.5 model with the updated video card as a BTO - only difference then is HD and .17 GHz speed.

:o Wow - not any more ... I just checked - didn't Apple used to offer the extra RAM on the video card as a BTO for the low 15" model on the last revision? :confused:

As for your question - I don't know how much 230 Euro is worth to you. But look at it this way, if you spring for all the options on the top end 15" model, you can rest peacefully knowing that you have done your best to future proof your machine ... and you won't be wishing a year or so down the track that you had opted for a bigger HD or more video RAM. Also, to further rationalise it - how long do you plan on keeping this PB? 3 years? Well, 230 Euro over the course of three years is about 76 Euro per year - that's just over 6 Euro a month :| ... to paraphrase Homer, "At these prices you can't afford *not* to buy a fully tricked 15" 1.67GHz PB!" :lol:

2005-02-17, 13:40
doohhh - sorry ... I never cease to surprise myself.

2005-02-18, 11:39
I finally decided for the 1.67 model. Thanks everybody, C.