View Full Version : iBook Price Drop?

2005-02-15, 23:23

This is my first post here. It looks like a great place.

I am planning on buying an iBook once the new updates come out in April/May. I was wondering though, I noticed at the Apple store that they now have the old PBs on sale since they did the update. Do you think they will do the same with the iBooks? The PBs are about 15% off, so I figure about $800 (15% of $949) for the iBook 12". That would be so awesome!

2005-02-16, 01:06
Well, when the current iBooks came out the previous 12" went down to $899, so i'm guessing that's what'll happen again.

2005-02-16, 01:20
HI there. Usually, Apple offers refurbished products on sale when a new model is released, or after the holiday. So, no, probably no iBooks on sale from Apple for a little while -- at least not until the next update.

You may find this guide (http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/) helpful as well...

2005-02-16, 05:02

Your other option if you're just buying a completely stock model is to get it at Amazon - no taxes for most users, and $100 mail in rebate that brings the current 12" Model to $899 after rebate.


2005-02-16, 18:22
arent the 12" models going for 999$? w/out any discounts of any kind... and while im here... are the ibooks supposed to be updated by april or will it take longer to update them? b/c i was going to buy an ibook arent the time of april... thanks...