View Full Version : Do I "need" a new powerbook?

2005-02-19, 18:26
OK, here's the situation. I am typing this message on a 400mhz tiBook that I've had for a very long time (since it came out, whenever that was). I am currently in college and I do graphic design work (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, some web stuff) for a big club on campus, plus I do paying jobs now and then (rare) and I do a bit of designing for fun. I'd say about 85% of the work I do on this computer is graphics and 15% is word-processing (papers for school). The battery is worn out (I get 20 mins out of it when it's not plugged in), I only have 10gigs of hard drive (getting to be an issue), and I don't have a cd/dvd burner (which would be nice).

I know I'd benefit from getting a new 15" powerbook (1.67, 1gig ram, superdrive), but since I'm "getting by" with this one I can't decide whether the expenditure is worth it.

Now, the question:
What is your criteria for upgrading? Do you think I should wait until this one blows up (getting close) or upgrade now?

2005-02-19, 18:45
Well, another option is to upgrade your current PowerBook. For a fraction of the price of a new one, you can buy a new battery (about $100) and a new, faster, larger hard drive (about $120). Maybe more RAM too if you don't have the 1 GB maximum.

The TiBook's hard drive can actually be replaced by the end user. Apple should have a manual online for how to do it. I've seen 60 GB, 5400 RPM laptop drives selling for around $100, and that would give you a nice boost in storage space and speed. It's worth considering. Then again, if you're really unhappy with your current PowerBook, maybe you shouldn't skirt the issue and just buy a new one. If you KNOW you're going to buy a new one soon anyway, then you're just wasting money if you upgrade your old one.

2005-02-19, 19:19
I'd spend the $300 or so to max out your rev. A TiBook... The newer batteries have larger capacities then the one that came with your computer, so that should be a nice boost as well.

I generally try to wait for a new processor generation to be released before I buy a new computer. I got impatient with my Rev A 233 iMac and got a 400 indigo two years into the purchase... I should have waited for the G4 there.
Of course, I got a PowerBook eventually for college anyway... but it would be nice to have that $1000 back in my pocket.

Your TiBook is selling for around $400 or so used (I think). This number will not be dropping much in the near future. Run it into the ground.