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2005-02-25, 04:46
Does anyone know why the 20" Apple Cinema Display is not "High Definition"? What makes the Apple 23" and 30" displays HD? Does anyone know what the High Definition specs are? What specs does the monitor need to qualify as "High Definition"? Is the screen material the same on all three Apple displays (20", 23", and 30")? - Or, are the pixels on the 23" and 30" closer together (giving you more pixels per square inch)?

Will Apple ever make a 20" or smaller HD display and put "HD" displays on the powerbooks?

Any insight would be appreciated......thanks...

Demian Bohemian

2005-02-25, 04:56
the resolution determines whether it is HD or not.

Tech specs are here: http://www.apple.com/displays/specs.html

2005-02-25, 10:10
the resolution determines whether it is HD or not.

Tech specs are here: http://www.apple.com/displays/specs.html

Of course I know that there are going to be more pixels in the bigger screen - if all 3 screens are made from the same material and thus pixel count per square inch.....

I want to know this.........

Is there more space between the pixels on the 20" as compared to the 23" and 30" "HD" ACD's, giving the 20" less pixels per square inch and the 23" and 30" "HD" displays more pixels per square inch, and if the actual pixels themselves are different on the "HD" 23" and 30" displays compared to the 20" non HD display????

What is the specifications a display must have to qualify as being a high definition display????

What is the specifications of high definition content and signals (is there more than one set of specs)????

I heard somwhere that the 20" display is "30 pixels shy of the high definition specs" so you wouldn't be able to tell the difference and also that most high definition content and signals are within the 20" displays screen resolution - is there any truth to these statements????

Has anyone compared the 20" to the 23" and 30" while viewing high definition content and can tell the difference, or is this all marketing hype to get people to shell out almost twice as much for the 23" "HD" display and 3G's for the 30"????

BTW......the Apple specification file on the 20" display on the Apple site refers to the 20" display as an "HD" display in the title..... This was the document that Apple tech support guided me to when I called. The person I spoke with at Apple tech support had no explanation for this and no answers for any of these questions......

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.....thanks :) :)


2005-02-25, 10:32
Do a google for "high-definition specs". Click the Consumer Reports link, about 8 down. Therein lie answers to many of your questions.

As far as space between pixels goes, all Apple ACDs are ~100ppi (so no real difference, and that is not related to HD at all - that is why there are 65" and 30" HD displays with the same number of "pixels").

2005-02-25, 10:48
Thanks Wraven,

I am trying to decide between purchasing the 20" and the 23" displays - that is whay I ask these questions comparing them.

2005-02-25, 11:00
Cool - I will remove my note to the Mods. You may want to look in this and other forums for information regarding the "pink hue" issue. I am in the market for a nice LCD myself and am holding off until Apple resolves this.

2005-02-25, 11:11
That consumer report link refers to HDTV's and not LCD computer monitors - which has diferent refresh rates I think.....it also does not mention any specs about pixel resolutions......

The image produced by a GR-HD1 Camcorder is a 16:9 aspect ratio and is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high according to Midwestfilms.com - here is the link....


The 20" display's optimum resolution is 1680 x 1050......

Doesen't this make the 20" Apple Dinima Display a "High Definition" display?

I don't get it......

2005-02-25, 11:23
Refresh rate has nothing to do with it. And yes, the Consumer Reports article does talk about pixels. I will spell this out for you:

There are various incarnations of "HD", starting with "SD" (which is not really HD, as I will explain):
480p (or i, progressive or interlaced) = "SD" = 720x480 pixels (DVD resolution)
540p (or i) = bottom-rung HD (but really just "ED" which is enhanced SD i.e. a "nice" non-HD Sony WEGA for instance)
720p (or rarely i) = mid-range HD = 1280x720 pixels - many LCD providers tout this as HD, and they are correct, but higher quality 1080i (and the rare p) signals have to be downgraded when displayed on this display (HDTV or LCD, it DOESN'T matter, they both have PIXELS)
1080i (or rarely p) = high-end HD = 1920x1080 pixels - this is currently the best BROADCAST HD image available = the best idea if buying an expensive LCD monitor or HDTV is to make sure it can do at least this resolution (i.e. 1900x1080or1200) so you can view all (including high-end) HD images in the native resolution
1600p (vertical) in the 30" ACHD (2560x1600) does not really translate to a broadcast HD image (yet), but is obviously more than capable of displaying any, even the current best BROADCAST HD image if need be (with or without stretching the image)

Oh, and to answer your last question. Yes, I would say the 20" is high-definiton, is a sense. Some companies WOULD call it HD since it can display a 720p image with no downgrading. However, Apple chooses to only label the monitors that are capable of displaying the 1080i(p) image as HD. Personally I would go the 23" route (as it has the pixels necessary to display any HD image, including the high-end, without downgrading). That being said, I will not buy the 23" until Apple fixes the "pink hue" issues.

Let me know if you still have questions after this.

2005-02-25, 15:56
Thanks for that Wraven. I hadn't been arsed to look that up myself, even though I wanted to know.

/diligent student

2005-02-25, 22:53
You're welcome. :)