View Full Version : Sell my powerbook... get an iMac?

2005-02-28, 15:44
So, I realized I don't really need a laptop anymore. I love having bed and couch computing, but I am getting fed up with my powerbook's inability to handle all the songs I'm creating. I have 1.25 GB RAM in it and that definitely helped a lot, but it still chokes when I try and add more tracks to certain songs. Causing me to have to remove every effect, and then add them back on for the final rendering and then it makes the whole process kinda weird. The point is, I want more power.

I figure, if I sell my rev. A aluminum powerbook I could probably get 1700-1900 for it which would pretty much cover the cost of a 17" iMac, it'd also make a 20" iMac not too much more.

So, I'd obviously have to max out or at least have 1+ GB of RAM in the iMac, as I've used them at the apple stores and while they are fast, they couldn't handle many tracks due to RAM.

I considered a powermac, but ultimately I think the iMac is the better buy, since you get a 17 or 20" display with it. And it's not like I need expandability. In terms of audio setup, I intend to get firewire gear.

The only thing that's kinda stinger is the graphics card in the iMac. I don't know for sure, but is it really any better than the radeon 9700 mobility I have? If so then no problem there, but It would be kinda drag to 'upgrade' computers, but have the GPU be more or less the same.

So I want more power, because I actually need it. Garageband, as much as I love it, is a terrible processor/RAM hog, and since that's the center of my computing universe, I need to cater to it. Additionally, I would *love* to have a fast 250 GB HD and a 20" display. It's kind of a bummer that the iMac doesn't have firewire800, I was thinking of getting an external firewire 800 drive. But, I suppose the high speed 250 GB internal drive would make up for that.

Any input on this? What's the link to the buyers guide that shows product update cycles? is the iMac due? Anyone with iMacs care to chime in(if you have an iMac and a powerbook that'd be ideal) Thanks for any input you can give.

edit: oh yea, is it possible to upgrade the HD in the iMac? if so is it easy? Cause if I got a used 20" and I could upgrade the HD and RAM, then I could use the extra cash to get some audio gear, which would be nice.

edit2: I found the mac buyer's guide, and the iMac is due for an update, so I'll wait to see what apple has in store. As with the powerbook, it's probably going to be a feature boost+price drop with a modest speed boost. Hopefully they'll add a kick ass video card and more default RAM.