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2005-03-03, 14:48
MacRumours does not have anything about the iSight on its Buying Advice page, so I don't know how long the current model has been out...

So, I just wanted to ask: Does anyone think that a revision is in the works? Is there anything seriously missing from the current model that requires a desperate revision?

People become willing to buy me stuff around this time of year and I don't want to get my fingers burnt (in the time-honoured Apple way) by getting my bro to dump 100+ clams (that's them expensive British clams) on an iSight for me, to have it updated a week or to later.



2005-03-03, 15:58
ThinkSecret front page, available via the link at the top right section of this page. ;)

I am waiting for the update. Looks like I won't have to wait long. :)

2005-03-03, 16:42
Thing is, there isn't really much you could add to it. If you raised the resolution to say, a megapixel or even 2 megapixels, then it wouldn't be suitable for latency free video chat, and the resolution increase would really only suit still pictures, which apple doesn't really explicitly support(that I'm aware of) All the components(lens, microphone, frame..etc.) of the iSight are already pretty high quality, and raising them would just raise the price.

I really can't think of one thing that apple could improve except maybe a really nifty mounting system that could work comfortably in a variety of situations.(kinda like that big flexible aluminum arm that some 3rd party company makes) Maybe a mount, and modifications to the video software that would track your movement so the camera stays focused on you?

Actually, thinking about it again, the one gripe I have with the iSight is the mounting system in regards to the iSight itself, the two little clips that press together to form the bracket for the firewire cable is sloppy and annoying to work with, I'm sure apple could do better than that.

The thing I'd like to see apple start doing with the iSight is to sell them in bundles where the bundle gets a slight discount. So if 1 iSight is $129, make a 2-pack for $200, save $60 that way, so people will probably buy them, and that way it will encourage more people to use it. With the onset of tiger, a 3-pack would be a good way to get people(families, friends) to get in on the whole video conference thing.

Aside from that, they could always lower the price down to $99 or so. They can always try and make what they already have look better(like that firmware update they released that made all the colors stronger) I dunno, I personally just wish more of my friends had them, because it is nice to chat with people from time to time, but no one I know has a video cam. Except one PC user, but it's always laggy when I chat with him.(trillian's video chat isn't that stellar, even though it supports iChat AV)

2005-03-04, 03:07
Thanks for the replies.

I hope for some price cuts too Wrao. I've not really used an iSight up close and personal, so I can't comment on the quality/design issues that you raise.

ThinkSecret front page, available via the link at the top right section of this page. ;)

Heh! Thanks Wraven TS has been pretty quiet as of late, plus I haven't been doing my usual TS/AI/Ars/ATAT/CARs/Cult/Macworld rounds.

Thanks Again

I'm relieved that I have a pending new Apple purchase to fret over!