View Full Version : How important is it to get a display with video inputs? Is there a workaround?

2005-03-03, 19:18
I am shopping for a display and am wondering how important it is to get one that has video inputs (s-video, component, RCA inputs) so that I can watch video from an outside source. Some displays have this feature - the Apple displays do not. I saw this one display that also had a picture in picture feature. That sounded usefull. Is there a workaround for this if the display does not have these inputs? How expensive and difficult is that workaround? With the Apple displays, it seems like alot of $$$ to spend on a high definition display to still not be able to use it to watch television and satellite HD signals. Why doesen't the Apple displays have these inputs? Do you think the next display update will have these?

Any insight and advice would be appreciated..............thanks!!! :) :)


2005-03-03, 20:32
Standard HD post-July 2005 will be HDMI and FireWire. HDMI and DVI are easily convertible. FireWire we already have on the Mac itself.

The industry is just catching up. ;)

2005-03-03, 20:37
Dual inputs WOULD be nice tho... :\ PIP as well... but that is a bit of a gimmick..