View Full Version : Anyone run a PB with DELL Monitor?

2005-03-05, 12:36
I am very close to buying a DELL 20 widescreen monitor to use as my desktop screen with my PB 15 1.5. I have heard very good reviews about the Dell monitors. Any feedback from the initiated?

2005-03-05, 12:39
It should work just fine. I'm pretty sure there are several members here who have mentioned using Dell's line of LCDs.

Moving to Purchasing Advice...

2005-03-05, 13:29
Their new 24" LCD is appealing but i'd rather have an apple screen

2005-03-05, 14:23
Using the 2005fpw with my 12" PB... works great. Solid monitor, with multiple inputs and ability for portrait mode if needed (must have a Mac with an ATI card for that functionality though). Aesthetically it doesn't come close to the 20" ACD, but very functional. At $500-$600, it's a good buy.

The 24" that Dell has now is just starting to be received by some early adopters. At $1100 (some getting them as low as $900), it's a compelling alternative to the 23" ACD.

2005-03-05, 14:45
I plan on using my 17'' Dell CRT with my powerbook when I get it after the next update, their monitors are the same with everyone else's, cept with a big ugly dell logo on it, so it should work the same.

2005-03-05, 14:54
I was hoping to remove that hideoues Dell logo. The fact is the specs are as good if not better than AAPL, for half the price.

2005-03-06, 08:40
I got the 20inch Dell 2005PFW (I think?) and love it. I had a 20inch cinema display (was sold for baby stuff) and I like the dell better.