View Full Version : Do the newer powerbooks run cooler than the first aluminum ones?

2005-03-06, 19:19
I have a 1.25ghz Aluminum PB, it runs extremely hot. I was wondering if the new ones run any cooler or if they have better battery life.

I need to send mine back to apple to have another issue repaired for a few weeks. I was thinking if upgrading to a new one so I would not be with out a machine for two weeks, then when this one gets back I could ebay it.

I just don't believe that mhz and bluetooth 2.0 is enough of a reason to upgrade. Is there anything else that could persuade me?


2005-03-06, 20:18
Maybe the fact that you _want_ to upgrade... if the new specs aren't enough then just do it for yourself. Hehe, that's if you have to money to blow.

2005-03-06, 20:35
I have no experience in this subject, but I don't see why the New PowerBooks would run any cooler.