View Full Version : Selling the OS X Disc ADC sent me?

2005-03-07, 21:30
I signed up as a developer and purchased a Powerbook through their hardware purchase store. The result? Two copies of OS X. Cool.

Is it safe for me to sell the copy of OS X that ADC sent to me? I can't see anything wrong with it (since I purchased it, technically), but I don't want Mr. Jobs lobbing any lawsuit grenades my way...

The Return of the 'nut
2005-03-07, 21:32
no, of course not. you did not purchase OS X. You purchased an ADC account which came with a contract and software that has not for resale printed right on it.

2005-03-07, 21:54
Neither the disks nor the holder have 'not for resale' printed on them anywhere, even in the fine print...

The Return of the 'nut
2005-03-07, 21:56
despite that, i would say its still not allowed under the contract/agreement you signed. but, of course, the chance of getting caught is slim and the chance of them caring is even slimmer.

2005-03-07, 22:06
Read your ADC contract very carefully. I do believe you'd be in violation if you sold that software.

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