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2005-03-08, 08:52
Hiya all:

First time poster about to take the plunge into Macland, being a long time Windows/Linux user. I played with my wife's iBook at length last night and am satisifed that my non gaming needs will be met. My gaming concerns revolve mostly around WoW, but with a heavy dose of BF42/DC (is DC even ported to Mac?) I'm thinking of the 17" PB for real estate purposes on the screen, but wanna hear from people who game on them to see if this is indeed as smooth as it is on my handbuilt comp (Intel P4 3.0 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce 5900 XT/128 MB vid card. Should I bust out for the full 2 GB of RAM? Any other advice you can pass along pls? Thank you!

2005-03-08, 10:34
i have the first generation 17" powerbook with 1ghz processor, 1gb ram, and nvida card with 64mb... WoW runs very well... no choppiness and overall smooth play

2005-03-08, 10:43
I'll tell you one thing - there's no way you can approach the raw speed and silky smoothness of gaming on a PC, especially with such amazing specs. I have a very similar PC that I'm in the process of selling (Athlon 64 3000+, 1 GB RAM, GeForce 6800/128MB), and it runs everything just perfectly. I've owned some pretty powerful Macs as well, most notably a 1.33 GHz G4 with a GB of RAM and a Radeon 9800 Pro video card, and it couldn't touch my PC in gaming performance. Not even close. BF1942 was fairly choppy even at medium to low settings, Halo was almost unplayable, and UT2k4 was playable but I had to turn the textures down to the level of being really smudgy looking.

My suggestion is to not think of getting a Mac for gaming. Don't factor it into any of your decisions. If you exclude gaming performance from your criteria, you will be much happier. Then, once you get it, you can try a couple games (or just game demos) to see how they play. You might not be happy with the performance but it might be good enough. I do know that there are several good games that perform well on Macs. Call Of Duty is my favorite. The gameplay is excellent, the multiplayer community is wonderful, and the performance is pretty darn good. It ran really well on that PowerMac of mine, even before I had the Radeon 9800 (I had a GeForce 3, which is only about half as powerful), and it still ran well.

Marcellus Wallace
2005-03-08, 11:17
Excuse my English... its not very good...

I've also experienced that the Mac and Gaming do not go along very well together... I was never impressed with gaming on any Mac...until now.

As every year, I was again present at a Gamers' Weekend a few weeks ago (you know with 50 hardcore PC-gamers in a tent on a field on a rainy day...)... but it was the first time I brought my iMac G5. WoW, BF1942... no problem there at all... full blast! It kicked ass out there... and note: those PC-guys are very serious about gaming!

Looks like Apple finally is coming along...

2005-03-08, 11:25
my G4 powerbook (128MB of VRAM) plays WoW fairly well. i have a rig for gaming, but the difference is small enough that i always bring the laptop when we lan. just a way to give some kind of quantitative difference between the two.

the PC is nicer, but not by enough to make me want to carry the cpu tower with me. (aka makes little difference when gaming)