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2005-03-08, 16:00
I was thinking about getting a PB at the end of the summer (or whenever the next revision is) and I need some help knowing what Ram to buy for it.

I was originally planning on get a PB with a gig of Ram BTO, but that costs 181 dollar Canadian, and I'm beginning to think it wouldn't cost that much more to just get the 512 default, and buy 1 single gig dimm. However, I have no idea what kind of Ram powerbooks use, and I was wondering if someone could giv eme an example of what ram would be best at either

www.tigerdirect.ca or

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the trouble!

2005-03-08, 16:57
See this great writeup on mac memory. :D
Anandtech's Mac Memory Roundup (http://www.anandtech.com/mac/showdoc.aspx?i=2359)


2005-03-08, 18:20
The link won't work for me...

I've been trying roundups, but dates and prices change so much that in the end I'm no closer to finding a nice brand of ram, and knowing how much it cost when I started, than when I began reading. Thanks anyway though!

2005-03-08, 18:49
A single 1gb stick will be expensive. One option for a 512 is below:


Edit: It's not in stock. But a standard 512 pc2700 sodimm should work. Try to stick to more name brand companies if possible (i.e. Crucial, Corsair, Kingston).

2005-03-08, 19:01
link is fixed. Not sure why you cant figure out price differences though. As for the Ram type, you'll see that all that matters is that the ram timings match the ones apple specs. If the ram doesn't, your powerbook wont post. So regardless of when you buy the Ram, or what brand it is (sort of, I wouldnt reccomend buying no-name), All that matters is that the timing matches Apples spec for the Powerbook. BTW, The link is exactly the infomation you asked for.