View Full Version : Video capture?

2005-03-09, 18:51
I want to be able to hook my non-Firewire miniDV camera up to my Mac when I get it so I can use iMovie and iDVD for all my home movies. Currently I'm using my PC's ATI TV-Wonder card for video capture, but the iMovie software is too tempting to resist.

So, if I buy a Mac (if I do, it'll probably be June or July), what are my video capture options? Will most USB or Firewire solutions work, or should I be looking for something specific?

2005-03-09, 18:54
I think that you could use a DVHollywood bridge to hook it up. I was not aware that there was a min dv cam with out firewire. What brand is i and what model?

2005-03-09, 19:18
It's a JVC camera. I bought it about 10 months ago after I graduated HS. It's model DR-D33U. There is a Firewire model of this camera, but it was $75 more and I didn't have a Firewire card, so I didn't bother to spend the extra cash. (Now, of coruse, i regret that.)

I believe the DVHollywood Bridge has been discontinued. There are several on eBay, though, so I'll try my luck at that if nothing else.