View Full Version : WLAN router recommendations?

2005-03-11, 17:59
hello everybody

what are your recommendations on current wireless lan routers?
it should have the following features:
- 802.11b/g (I guess all the g-routers are downward compatible?)
- I should be able to configure it using a pc for now as I'm getting my first mac only in april :o . problem is I'm moving now and thus need a router now...
so does that mean the super cool looking airport extreme base station is falling out for me? nobody could really answer this question yet...

thanks a lot!

2005-03-11, 18:04
Get the super cool airport extreme base station. If you want it, get it. ;) It should work fine with your PC.

2005-03-11, 18:12
yeah but can I configure it with my pc for the time being (April, I can feel you!)? the apple website is a bit obscure - all I've seen is that configuration tool for OS X.

2005-03-11, 18:18
I believe there is Windows software included with the AirPort Express. Not sure about the Extreme, though.

EDIT - yes, there's Windows software for both

2005-03-11, 19:28
Will the Airport Extreme Base station act as a wireless router for a mixed group of PCs and Macs? It it just standard 802.11g or some Apple-flavoured variety?

2005-03-11, 20:14
sure will, Bryson, but there are some differences in passwords for any non-Airport hardware. See this thread for details: