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2005-03-15, 18:27
Ok so I am a Freelance video editor and intend to buy a MAC to replace my old outdated windows/ Adobe Premiere system.

I plan to run Production Suite (FCP,DVDstudioPro, Motion) and Adobe Aftereffects and Photshop on the new computer.

But I have reached a problem.... I can't decide between a 17inch Powerbook or a dual 2.5 powermac.

The Powerbook would be perfect for freelance work, because I could take with me to clients places and make changes on the spot... and burn DVD copies on the spot too! I also could load footage onto my powerbook so I dont have to take the videotapes with me. The only thing is that the Powerbook is really underpowered compared to the desktop g5.. If I am going to spend 3grand+ for a computer I want it to last! I dont wanna buy the powerbook and then 3 months down the road the Mac Mini has a faster Processer than my book,,, and then I am still in debt to the powerbook.

The PowerMAc G5 is indeed a powerful system and I will save much rendering times and have less headaches with the full blown system... I think with the powermac I would be safe to run all my pro apps on it for the next couple of years. I think the Powermac would be able to handle the very long format edits I do and the multiple graphics and video layers. But then I can't take the Powermac anywhere it has to stay at home. (can't have clients at my house because I'm young and live at home)

I can't decide on which one I get... I keep flip floping on which one to get.. There are so many adavantages and diasadvantages to both.. anybody else have a problem choosing like this?? what did you decide? How did that work out? anyone have any advice?

I am going to wait to see if Tiger comes out in April and then make my decsion by then... The only other thing I could do is keep hoping and praying the mythical Powerbook G5 comes out before I make my purchase.

I hope my windows system can hold up for the next couple of months.


2005-03-15, 18:47
Yes, I would wait to see what Tiger + FCP5 bring to the table.

I wouldn't hold your breath for the Powerbook G5 though, unfortunately.

2005-03-15, 18:55
Welcome to the good side of Video editing. Quite aside from being on PC, Premiere is awful, awful trash.

I do a fair quantity of editing (although it's more a sideline for me..can't do enough of it to pay all the bills sadly) and I bought the 17" + Production Suite.

I think I made the right choice. My renders are longer etc etc, but the upside of portability outweighs that for me. Mind you, I do travel a lot.

What you really want is...well both! But in the situation you're in (no premises, meet clients at thier location normally) I'd go for the PB.

Remember to factor in the cost of a few external HDs and an external Keyboard, Mouse and Display to the costing - you don't want to do long-ass editing sessions on the laptop screen, trackpad and keyboard!

I also highly recommend the Shuttlepro 2 or something similar. After Effects might be worth investing in too.

I wouldn't get any ideas about burning a DVD for people on the spot though - it takes much longer than I ever expect it to.

Hope this helps


2005-03-17, 22:03
With the laptop how many layers of video can you do without rendering?

WIth dv quality footage.

2005-03-18, 10:31
I edit with both and the PB is perfect for onsite work. realtime rendering to me isn't neccessary with the PB because I plan my time on site and don't usually have client sitting over looking for instant PB. That said, render times are nothing compared to the days of editing analog with the Accom Stratasphere. 30 minutes for 30 sec of video!
I use the Black Magic decklink card with the X-serve with 1TB of storage to edit analog Betacam SP and it rocks. Want to see if Motion is a worthy alternative to pricey After Effects, but use AE often because FCP's DVE engine sucks. I would, if you can, wait for NAB and see what FCP5 & tiger can do. just my 2 cents.